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So this is the divide we have reached. Our team of heroes who were dismissed by their benefactor because of the danger, has decided to take it upon themselves to complete their mission anyway, they plan to stop the “others”. The “others” is the team assembled by our villian Josephine Corbin Tryst to find an artifact considered by now to be a legend, The Virus. This item has held the nations in peace for 250 years and may just cause the destruction of it from man to elf, dwarf and all manor of living creature. Is it real? Is it a story told to children to bring about a false sense of peace? We are about to find out.

As we last left this band of would be heroes they have learned that their nemisis’ vanished into the mysteriouos Ice Mountains in norther Kappka, the coldest place known in the lands and reportedly the final resting place of the aforementioned Virus. This could mean very bad things for life on this vast planet.

Will Elliots heroes find a way to stop Josephine and her team set on death and destruction or is the world doomed to become devoid of life. They have already left a path of misery and chaos in their wakee. If the heroes are successful, what is the price they will have to pay for that success? That remains to be seen.

News headlines in Bordenstern Daily News: The Crowley Massacre! Survivors Tell their Story
At mid-day yesterday a small group of people arrived in Bordenstern from the nearly mythical town of Crowley after a team of adversary’s assaulted the town, leaving most of the town dead. Regular readers may remember that Crowley is part of the legend about the “virus” that has recently come in to question by the Lady Josephine Corbin-Tryst in her attempts to seek a place on the Nations council. Since it is the basis for the current peace accords in place within the nations themselves many had begun to wonder if it really was nothing more than an old wives tale to scare misbehaving children at night. However this new development now has many scared that the virus is real and that this special interest group (could this be the mystery group rumored to be employed by the aforementioned Lady Corbin-Tryst?) could release the deadly toxin thereby wiping out all of humanoid kind, man, elf and dwarf in a sadistic plot to rule the world!
Yet if that were not enough, there is yet _more_drama to this story. While Lady Corbin-Tryst was not available for comment, the grandson of one of our founding fathers, Elliot Cray, has announced that he has formed a militia that will seek out and bring to justice this group that has assaulted Crowley’s residents. In addition in a striking turn of events, the Crowned Queen of Bame, Aleksandra Nickolovena (granddaughter of the well-known King Nicholas of Roland Bound) has also advised (or so this reporter was told by a reliable source) that she has assembled a group of newly assigned Marshalls to bring this murderous group in for trial. Her cousin and one of the nations champions Malek Corbin has declined to comment if he has any involvement but with his duties as a champion and his newly announced engagement to the Lady Lechelle Long we doubt he has any time to devote to what could be a lengthy endeavor.
So that’s it for now ladies and gents. Stay tuned for the most current news in the lands at the Bordenstern Daily News.

So after Aleks and the others finished searching the Dalmar Ruins for clues to what Josephines team was up too here and finding little that made sense, you decided to continue on your way towards the ice mountains, hoping there has been some event to way lay Nomara and the others to give you all a chance to catch up. But as you travel deep into the hills heading towards Bordenstern Ladys message box arrives with a new copy of The Bordernstern Daily News and a set of orders for Alex from the new council for her next mission as a National champion. She will need to meet up with Malek , Lady and a member of the council in Aamagon for further instruction. Apparently this needs immediate attention.

The Virus